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M S Air Systems is the one of the primary manufacturers and suppliers of AIR HANDLING UNITS. We work for quality. That’s why we also called the AHU manufacturers in India. As we all know that this is a device which is used to circulate and regulate air as part of a Ventilating, Heating and air conditioning. It can use to supply and return air directly from the space served without duct work.

AIR HANDLING UNITS parts contain parts called the heating and cooling coils, housing, humidifier, blower (or fan), dampers and air filters. AHU is used to control the following framework of the space which includes Air Movement, Temperature, Electrical Panel, Humidity. AHU is also used as a equipment to Direct Expansion Systems of Air Conditioning. It is also called the Indoor unit which is directly connected either to a Condensing Unit or a Chilled Water System. And the Chilled Water or Refrigerant is passed through Copper Coils to reduce the temperature of air. The housing of an AHU is usually make of metal, some are painted to prevent corrosion.

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